Within easy reach of Colne is Wycoller Country Park set around what was only a few years ago regarded as a deserted village.

Although it has now been 'discovered' the atmosphere has not been destroyed.

Above the old settlement once the home of handloom weavers is a substantial but well concealed car park.

Down in the little river valley is a shop and cafe and over the water is Wycoller Hall the ruined manor house used by Charlotte Brontë as a model for Ferndean Manor in her novel Jane Eyre.

The Ferndean Trail is a footpath which now links Wycoller and Colne.

Beyond the manor house is an old barn now housing exhibits dealing with the history of the village.

The stream is spanned by three wonderful old bridges.

The Clam Bridge is at least one thousand years old and some think that it may date back to the Bronze Age.

The Clapper Bridge opposite the hall is made up of slabs with stone supports.

When the population of the village included around 350 workers this bridge must have echoed to the sound of clogs.

These were made locally from alder trees which still grow alongside the river.

Most tourists, however, only concentrate on the packhorse bridge which probably dates back to the 14th century.

It was, however, in full swing when the Brontë sisters walked from Haworth to Wycoller.