PEOPLE are the beating heart of any community - they provide the history and heritage of a place, by the jobs they do, the buildings they erect, the activities they engage in and the families they create.

Great Harwood is no different and today we take a look through the lens at some of the people, places and events that have created this little corner of East Lancashire.

Once again, cotton shaped the community, with the 19th century bringing about enormous change, with a rapid increase in the population, which transformed the cottages and farms into a cotton manufacturing town in its own right.

It has its own textile pioneer in the shape of John Mercer and today monuments to him, paid for by subscription, still stand in his honour.

Social activity has been provided by societies, sports clubs, the church, local inns and Mercer Hall, which was completed in 1921, after being interrupted by the First World War - electricity arrived the following year.

Great Harwood Show is also a big day on the local calendar - which has its origins in the annual fair and market charter granted during the 14th century.