Young Pioneer 79 swimmer, Ethan Naisbitt showed he is a potential star in the making after taking part in the Disability Sport Events, National Short Course Championships at Sheffield’s Ponds Forge Pool.

Ethan, aged just 10, was the youngster swimmer to take part in the event and was taking part in his first competition since his category assessment.

Ethan formed part of the North West Disability Squad which included over 30 swimmers, all with a wide range of disabilities.

Ethan, who is an above knee leg amputee, also has four heart condition aortic stenosis, a heart murmur, leakage from his left ventricle and a plug inserted into a heart valve. He also has bronchial asthma. Having only joined Pioneer 79 Swimming Club within the last 18 months he has rapidly progressed through the Learn to Swim Section and has competently moved onto the Training Programme. Ethan, aged just 10, was the youngest competitor in th whole competition.

He swam in the 10-13 year age group in three events; 50m Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Unfortunately, due to a technical infringement, he was disqualified in the 50m Breaststroke.

However, he was able to successfully re-focus himself, finishing as the fastest 10 year old in each of the other two events – setting himself personal best times in each event. In the S9 Category on the 50m Freestyle, Ethan was also placed in the top 10 in the 10-13 years category.

It was a magnificent effort at his first competition and he is now looking forward to his next event which is an able bodied sprint event, hosted by Bolton Metro Swim Squad, to be held at Bolton One in April. Ethan will then compete in his second disability gala to take place at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, in June.

He is currently seeking sponsorship to assist with competition entries, swimwear, travel expenses and accommodation. Ethan’s Coach, Lee Stringfellow said: “We, as a club are extremely proud of Ethan’s achievements. “It is fantastic to see any swimmer come through the Teaching Groups to now be competently swimming within the Training Groups. “Ethan is a pleasure to coach, he is a very enthusiastic, determined young boy who is always willing to listen and learn. “His disabilities have in no way impaired his ability to progress. “His ambition is to swim for Great Britain at the Paralympics when he is older, we will endeavour to support his every need in his swimming career.”

Anyone interested in sponsoring Ethan should contact Susan Walsh on 01254 390793.

Pioneer 79 Amateur Swimming Club is a Swim 21 Accredited Swimming Club based at Accrington Academy’s Swimming pool on Queens Road West, Accrington. The club has a section to suit everyone, from ‘Learn to Swim’, Sprint Groups, Competitive Training Groups, Swim-Fit and Masters. Anyone interested in finding out more about Pioneer 79 Swimming Club and how to join, please do not hesitate to contact Susan Walsh on 01254 390793 or visit their website