A GREAT HARWOOD man will be forced to pay for damage to his home because he tried to repair the damage himself.

David Holden, 54, cut away part of his living room carpet at his Lewis Street home after a leak caused it to smell.

Hyndburn Homes said that decision means they can’t replace the carpet, because it was removed before they could attempt to clean it. Mr Holden, who lives with his girlfriend Ruth Joseph, 49, and his daughter, Grace Holden, 17, said waste water leaked through the bathroom room onto the carpet when a waste pipe became loose.

The carpet also posed a ‘significant health hazard’ to his grandchild, Cole, 2, and Ocean, 3, who often visit, he said.

“It was very bad. I have grandchildren coming in. The smell was absolutely awful,” he added. Mr Holden cut away part of the living room carpet because he deemed the foul smell ‘impossible to live with.’

He said workers were sent to repair problems in his bathroom last year but, while they fixed a problematic sink, they left without fixing the toilet.

Repairs business manager at Hyndburn, Jill Scott, said: “We’re very sorry for any distress and inconvenience caused by the leak and we have tried to help Mr Holden.

“Work to reposition the toilet and repair the bathroom floor was due to be carried out on April 4.

“Unfortunately, Mr Holden did not keep the appointment and we’d urge him to contact us to re-arrange.

“Our contractor visited to clean the carpet but a section of it had been removed before cleaning could take place. As a result, we are unable to replace the carpet.

“Mr Holden has the right to appeal this decision and we would invite him to do so. A member of staff will be contacting him to provide further information.”