DRIVERS who park dangerously outside schools will be ‘fined’ by children as part of a new campaign.

The aim of the initiative is to educate parents and carers about road safety.

Slapping a pretend ‘fixed penalty notice’ on a windscreen may not seem like an effective deterrent against the problem.

But receiving a ticket, with a handwritten note from a child, is 100 times more embarrassing than receiving a genuine parking ticket.

Some people try to plead innocence to traffic wardens or vent their fury if they are a few minutes over their time limit.

But will parents be able to argue back to a five-year-old, who says their life is being put at risk by dangerous parking?

And the children themselves will feel a sense of achievement, which can only be a good thing.

At the moment, the scheme involves all the primary schools in Great Harwood.

But if it proves to be successful, it could be rolled out to other areas.

This could help save lives and reduce accidents which is something the Lancashire Telegraph 20 is Plenty campaign has been championing.