CANCER battler Sam Shaw was taken to hospital in the early hours of yesterday morning after his temperature spiked.

The five-year-old neuroblastoma sufferer, from Hoddlesden, had to have blood taken from his central line, and antibiotics administered within the hour, at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

The youngster, of Glencoe Avenue, has just returned from potentially life-saving immunotherapy treatment in the US.

Mum Christine said the trip to hospital was a necessary protocol in the fight against the childhood cancer.

She said: “The main fear is a blood infection and septicaemia, as these are life-threatening for oncology patients.

“Although Sam spiked a temperature, he has been very well in himself, full of fun and energy, and his appetite is returning.

“The thought of him being cooped up in a small hospital room for the next 48 hours was not an ideal scenario, so the hospital kindly agreed to allow him home in between his six-hourly antibiotics, so he could enjoy his time playing at home and burning off his energy.”