A SUPPORT group in danger of going out of existence is appealing to the younger generation for help.

Volunteers are desperately needed to take on roles with the Ribble Valley branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, with four major committee posts becoming vacant in May.

The group, which has been going for more than 25 years, will need a chairman, secretary, treasurer and bulletin writer.

If the volunteers are not found before May, the group could be merged with Blackburn’s MS group and the members closest to Longridge could join with the Preston branch.

The society provides care and support for those living with the debilitating condition in the Rubble Valley, and is supported by financial contributions from service organisations and the local community.

The 32-member group meets at the Low Moor Club every Tuesday.

Chairman Peter Spencer, 73, who has been a member for 15 years said: “There is a real danger that the society could cease to be independent in May.

“It’s a shame that it has come to this but we have not been getting enough of the younger generation to join.

“The group has 32 members but only 12 to 14 of them turn up week after week.

“The members have all been together for a long time now and we need people who are younger to take on the major committee roles.

“People really don’t want to join with the Blackburn or Preston groups and want this society to keep on going. It does a lot of good in the Ribble Valley and is a vital service for many.

“I have had one reply so far to volunteer and unless we get at least five in total then I fear that the club will have to join with the Blackburn and Preston groups.”

For more information on the group, call Mr Spencer on 01200 441503.