UP to 200 homes can be built in Longridge after an appeal was allowed by inspectors.

Cheshire-based Fox Strategic Land and Property Ltd were appealing against Preston Council’s failure to make a decision on an application for homes at Whittingham Road.

The Planning Inspectorate has granted outline permission for a mixed use development.

In a report outlining the decision, inspector John Chase said: “The proposal is not clearly contrary to any adopted development plan policy drawn to the attention of this appeal.

“However, even if this were not the case, the council acknowledge that they do not have a five year supply of deliverable housing sites.

“Construction of new homes to help meet this shortfall of deliverable sites would be a clear benefit of the proposal, and, for the reasons set out under the main issue, there are no adverse impacts of such significance as to outweigh the presumption in favour of granting permission.”

Preston Council did not offer any objections at the inquiry.