Paddy McGuiness lost control of his car on Top Gear last night during a hilarious chilli eating challenge. 

The Bolton-born presenter took on co-hosts Chris Harris and Freddie Flintoff in a new challenge where they had to eat some of the worlds hottest chillies whilst driving around a course in Northumberland. 

The trio took part in a time trial to see who could drive around a bumpy course whilst eating chillies such as the Carolina Reaper, the hottest in the world. 

"Oh god! I am a chicken Korma man in my house!" said McGuiness as he got behind the wheel. 

He had to beat Harris' impressive four and a half minute race time. 

Lancashire Telegraph: Paddy McGuiness (BBC Studios/Jeff Spicer)Paddy McGuiness (BBC Studios/Jeff Spicer)

McGuiness lost control of the car as he ate the mildest chilli on the scale causing Flintoff, who was sitting in the passenger seat, to shout: "Keep your eyes on the road, Pad!"

He then tried to bird's eye chilli, which again saw him lose control of the car and it teer from side to side.

Flintoff took control of the car as McGuiness began screaming in pain. 

He later tweeted: "I’m a chicken korma man when it comes to spice but it was nice to see two chilli eating heavyweights go toe to toe.

"PS you don’t want to see the state of that chemical loo the morning after!"

Fan took to Twitter to share their thoughts: "Paddy McGuiness what a wimp #TopGear" said one fan.

"Max n Paddy reference, the chilli challenge. This is hilarious #TopGear," said another.

Fans seemed to really enjoy the segment, which saw all three men downing milk and yoghurt after each round: "Watching Paddy, Chris and Fred, eating these chillies, is so funny #TopGear."

Top Gear airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.