PADDY McGuinness bumped into an old friend while filming for Top Gear.

While filming outside his old home in Auburn Street, Bolton, Paddy's childhood friend, graphic designer Billa Ahmed came around the corner, and the two embraced after not seeing each other for a year.

Details of the episode are being kept secret but both Billa and Paddy were just happy to see each other as they grew up streets away.

Billa said: "I just heard that he was filming for Top Gear because someone messaged me, so I went round the corner and saw him.

"We have always been friends and and used to hang out together in the same area."

The two last met last year when Billa even featured in the episode after running into him while they filmed a challenge where Paddy could not leave his car.

Billa said: "There are so many memories we've had together, he's such a humble guy, he never forgets Bolton, he always finds time to come back."

Billa also runs a charity called Homeless Aid and it seems Paddy it set to come back to spend some time working with the charity on one of their homeless feeds.

He said: "So many people ended up homeless that even Paddy and I know, so it's just really nice that he wants to come and help out.

"We had a chat and laughed like we always do and even when he had to go but people were asking him for pictures, he still didn't say no and carried on taking pictures with them.

"He is just so nice, but I don't see him as this famous Top Gear host, I just see him as Paddy who I grew up with."

Billa even remembers his own brother teaching Paddy how to shave when they were youngsters.

Paddy himself shared a message on his time filming at his own street.

He wrote: "Very happy memories here, although it definitely wasn’t double glazed back then. The mighty Auburn Street, Bolton."