VISUALLY impaired cricketers from across East Lancashire could get the chance to represent their country in the World Cup.

For a roadshow to look for the best cricketers in the county comes to Burnley on Saturday and budding stars have a definite incentive -- impress the coaches and you could play for England!

At present, there are just 10 visually impaired Cricket teams in the country and the Lancashire Galloways team is the newest team to be formed.

In the past, visually impaired cricketers in the area had to play for arch-rivals Yorkshire if they wanted to get a game!

But thanks to Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Cricket Board the roadshow will tour the county in the coming weeks.

Galloways have also received a £4,000 grant from the Primary Club Cricket Charity -- whose members consist of professional and amateur crickets who have been bowled first ball.

Peter Edmondson, who is the Lancashire County Council's sports development officer, is also chairman of the English Cricket Board's physical and learning difficulties committee.

He said: "In the past, the Impaired Cricket World Cup has been held in the southern hemisphere but we have always sent a team out.

"We are now looking for players for this new Lancashire team and if there are players out there who are good enough then they could perhaps find themselves in the England team."

Mr Edmondson and England Visual Impaired international Gary O'Neil will hold the roadshow which will take place at Turf Moor Leisure Centre between 1-3pm.

Visually Impaired teams consist of four totally blind players who use bigger wickets and a size three football with ball-bearings inside as many players have to rely on their hearing to play the game.

For details contact Peter Edmondson on 01772 262806.

A recently formed sports club for disabled youngsters will hold its second taster session on Saturday after the cricket coaching at Turf Moor between 3.30-5pm.