A MasterChef contestant from Darwen says she has landed her dream job thanks to her appearance on the BBC show.

Cliodhna Gibson made it to the semi-finals of the cooking competition.

She left the competition on Tuesday night’s episode (May 14) after her cheesecake curdled and she was forced to start from scratch.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph Cliodhna said: “I had an out-of-body experience when my cheesecake curdled. 

"I like to think I am quite good at holding my nerve. The cheesecake I served wasn’t set – it was never going to be because I had to restart it.

“I am really proud of what I managed to pull off.”

It is the second time Cliodhna has appeared on the cooking show after featuring last year.

The personal trainer said she is proud to have made it further in the competition the second time around.

She said: “Last time I was on the show a lot was going on in my life, I felt like I couldn’t ‘give it my all’.

“Now I am in a happy relationship and have a good network around me to help me achieve the goals I have.

“It would have been amazing to have come first but I have redeemed myself and got a lot further than I did last time. I felt the pressure a little more because I felt like I had something to prove.

“I want to thank my mum and my boyfriend. I don’t think I could have done this without them.”

Cliodhna hopes she has made Lancashire proud.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cliodhna GibsonCliodhna Gibson (Image: Cliodhna Gibson)

“I am proud of where I am from and like to think I’ve done Lancashire proud,” she said

“I did my best to [highlight] Lancashire throughout the competition and paid tribute to Lancashire in many dishes.

“I made Lancashire cheese crisps on the show. That is something John (Torode) commented on, saying I pay tribute to where I am from through my food and adding that I am so proud of where I am from.”

The 26-year-old said she has received more career opportunities thanks to the show, including a boost in Instagram followers and securing her dream job.

She is set to follow one of her favourite bands on tour, as part of their catering team, through a company called Rockpool Tour Catering. The company has worked with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica, Bruno Mars and other musicians in the past.

Cliodhna said: “I have had quite a few [job opportunities and] offers. My Instagram followers increased. Famous chefs reach out asking to do pop-up events.

“My dream is to go on tour, cooking for famous bands and musicians – and I have managed to secure myself a position doing just that.

“I am going on tour with a very famous band that I have listened to since the age of 16.

“Cooking for John Torode and Gregg Wallace [MasterChef judges] was amazing to be able to cook for my favourite bands and musicians, and go on tour with them across the world, is the best thing ever.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Cliodhna GibsonCliodhna Gibson (Image: Cliodhna Gibson)

“I have had quite a few offers. My Instagram followers increased. Famous chefs reach out asking to do pop-up events.”

Cliodhna said she is excited about what her future holds.

She said: “I feel like I have a really good platform now because of how far I got in the competition. I am getting some unbelievable opportunities off the back of it.

“I am so excited for the future. I feel like I am about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life.

“I am so excited and grateful for the opportunities I have been given and none of it would have been possible without MasterChef.”