A Masterchef contestant from Darwen says she is “gutted” after being axed from the show following a baking disaster.

Cliodhna Gibson left the competition on Thursday night’s episode (April 20) but says she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The 25-year-old impressed judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace, plus guest judge, food critic Jay Rayner, with her first dish of tempura squid with black garlic and squid ink aioli.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cliodhna GibsonCliodhna Gibson (Image: Cliodhna Gibson)

John even said he would pay for the dish in a restaurant.

The second round of the show is where it all went wrong for Cliodhna after a baking disaster with her dark chocolate and sea salt tart.

As she tried to lift the tart it collapsed in her hand.

On the show she said: “The tart has collapsed because the pastry was still warm when I tried to move it so I am down to one tart.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Cliodhna Gibson had a baking disaster on MasterchefCliodhna Gibson had a baking disaster on Masterchef (Image: BBC)

John said: “Your pastry is very fine – maybe too fine to hold that amount of chocolate ganache.

“The chocolate work is really well done and just set. It’s not too sweetened and there is a little bit of salt which emphasises the sweetness.”

Despite the great flavours from the dishes, due to the pastry mishap it was Cliodhna’s time to leave the competition.

On the show she said: “I am absolutely gutted about how today has turned out.

"It would have been easy to throw in the towel when the tart burst in my hand but I didn’t give up.

“It’s taking every fibre of my being to not let one of these tears roll down my face.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, the personal trainer, who owns No Body Better personal training business, said she enjoyed the experience.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cliodhna Gibson Cliodhna Gibson (Image: Cliodhna Gibson)

She said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Obviously this week I happened to leave the competition after having a disaster. I think it boiled down to me only plating one tart.

“I did everything I could and it was quite unfortunate.

“I am still so chuffed that I got so far and I am considered to be one of the best amateur chefs in the country – so I will take that.”

Cliodhna said she was proud to put Lancashire on the map.

She said: “I feel like the whole county has been behind me and have seen so many kind comments.

“Everyone has been so supportive and I have been getting a lot of nice comments from people on the local Facebook groups.”

Cliodhna said the whole experience was very intense, adding that she has made friends for life.

She said: “It’s very intense. It feels like you’re cooking in somebody’s house when you have never been in their kitchen before.

“You’re dropped into a completely alien environment with cameras and you’re trying to cook. There was a lot of pressure and the nerves and a bit of bad luck got to me.

“It’s also a lot of fun as [many amazing people] have cooked in that kitchen. To be able to say I have cooked in that kitchen for John and Jay Rayner is amazing.

“The judges were so lovely and gave such fair comments. They put me at ease while I was cooking at times. They were really nice to be around and a pleasure to meet.

“John said he would pay for my food in a restaurant, that for me was the highest form of compliment.”

The Oswaldtwistle-raised woman says the show has been great for business.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cliodhna Gibson on the set of MasterchefCliodhna Gibson on the set of Masterchef (Image: Cliodhna Gibson)

She said: “It’s been great for my business as I have lost quite a bit of weight since the show which people have recognised.

“It just goes to show you can have both if you have the right trainer.

“There is a stigma around personal trainers that we only eat boiled chicken and rice with no appreciation for good food, but I really enjoy my food.

“It’s all about balance for me. That’s why my clients see great results I think. It’s not all about restriction its about finding balance.

“You can have restaurant quality food without feeling restricted.”

She hopes the experience has opened more doors for her career and plans on opening her own healthy meal preparation business, Nourished by NBB, in the future.

You can watch Cliodhna on Masterchef on BBC iPlayer.