A live video has been trending on TikTok showing Blackpool Pleasure Beach Resort's famous Big One "breaking down" mid-ride.

Going live on the social media app at around 11am on Good Friday (March 29), Becky and Andy, known as @thethreemouseketeersuk on TikTok, provided their 27,200 followers with more than an hour of footage from the incident at the seaside resort.

Branding themselves a "Disney interabled family" who produce daily live videos from their home town, the self-professed "Blackpool Tour Family" zoomed in on the troubled rollercoaster, which had appeared to have broken down mid-climb up to the ride's famous big drop. 

It is believed that around 21 riders became trapped on the rollercoaster as, according to Andy, who was doing the filming, "it broke down for the third time this week".

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Resort has since confirmed that the Big One has not broken down three times this week. 

It is not thought anyone was hurt or injured as a result of the Big One getting stuck, and it is believed that all riders were brought to safety after being walked down the famous tracks. 



A spokesperson for Blackpool Pleasure Beach Resort said: "The Big One rollercoaster stopped today (Friday, March 29) around 10.30am, towards the top of the lift hill.

“There was a minor technical problem and the safety system on the ride worked exactly as it should, and stopped the train on the lift as a precaution.

"Following our normal process, trained operators walked all riders safely down the steps, which were built for this purpose.

"This process took approximately 40 minutes in its entirety and the ride is now back in operation.”

This is not the first time the Big One has been halted mid-ride. Last April of a group of people got stuck on the Lancashire rollercoaster and had to walk back down in windy conditions, and a similar thing happened in May 2022. 

The Pleasure Beach re-opened to avid thrill-seekers earlier in March and will be welcoming fun-lovers to Blackpool right through until November. 

The Big One was constructed in 1994 and stands 235ft above the Pleasure Beach Resort.

Lasting around three minutes, the ride has three trains with five cars, each one carrying six riders.