A video has emerged of a group of people getting stuck on a 235ft Lancashire rollercoaster and having to walk back down in windy conditions.

The video, taken by Leo McMullin, shows a carriage group of people on The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach which has come to a standstill near the top.

The brave riders are then seen walking back down the ride in windy condition, gripping the handrails as they carefully climb down.

In the video Leo, from Glasgow, says: “We're gonna need to get off this rollercoaster.”

The ride was reportedly being closed for safety reasons linked to the strong winds. The ride evacuation happened shortly before Storm Noa battered the UK bringing 70mph winds.

It is not the first time the rollercoaster has stopped, forcing riders to climb back down from the top.

In 2021 it broke down at the crest of the biggest drop.

TikTok user, @geo_connor, captured the moment and posted a series of videos to her Tik Tok account documenting the scary decent.

Changing the skyline of Blackpool forever, The Big One was constructed in 1994 and designed by Ron Toomer and manufactured by Arrow Dynamics.

Standing 235 ft above Blackpool Pleasure Beach the iconic structure was the tallest, fastest and steepest steel rollercoaster in the world.

The clunking sounds of the lift hill slowly build anticipation, until the release at the exhilarating first drop sending riders hurtling along the track, high above the park below.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been approached for comment.