Police have released CCTV evidence showing a Blackburn couple bagging spice and dealing drugs from their kitchen and living room in the presence of their young son.

Zaara and Rafiq Jamadar ran their illegal drugs empire from their home Higher Audley Street, Blackburn.

They even recruited their 17-year-old son to sell drugs for them on their behalf.

The CCTV, which was obtained by police from the Jamadar residence, shows the couple bagging spice in front of their young son.

Thankfully, he was oblivious to what was going on and has since been safeguarded by specialist officers. 

Lancashire Telegraph: The JamadarsThe Jamadars (Image: Lancs Police)

The footage also showed Zaara dealing in her own kitchen, retrieving drugs from on top of a bird cage while her child was sat on the sofa.

The Jamadars also exploited addicts to sell drugs on their behalf, recording and saving mobile phone clips of themselves mocking their victims while they were in a vulnerable state.

In total the Jamadar’s profited to the tune of £60,000 from their criminal activity.

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Mobile phone evidence showed Zaara was also responsible for supplying crack cocaine and heroin.

During a sentencing hearing at Preston Crown Court earlier this week, Judge Ian Unsworth said: “The drugs were stored around your house. Recordings in the house caught you in your lounge directing matters, dealing, and counting large amounts of cash that came with this business.

"Your oldest son, 17, was recruited within the family business.

“Analysis of your mobile phones presented a devastating picture of everyday life in your family home. Messages depict with all too crystal clear clarity the fact you abandoned your parental responsibilities.

“Your young child was present at the time supply was taking place in your house, thus exposing him to all the perils associated with this activity.

"“I am satisfied each of you played a leading role in the Jamadar family business of peddling drugs.”

Zaara Jamadar, 47, pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply class A and class B drugs. She was jailed for five years and four months.

Rafiq Jamadar, 50, of Sicely Court, Blackburn, was sentenced to four years and nine months.