A Lancashire town has been named among the UK’s top 20 most depressing towns in a new list.

Blackpool is a holiday destination as well as a day trip out for many but the seaside town has received some criticism in the list by iLiveHere.

Introducing the list, iLiveHere said: “This year we have done something a little different. We wanted to highlight those towns that sap the residents will to live.

“Bland, boring, soulless, uncultured middle-England municipalities of mediocrity, that imbue the inhabitants with an almost terminal case of ennui and you delivered.

“The top 20 most depressing towns in Britain, as voted for by you, is here and were the results a shock.”

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In the 2023 list of the top 50 worst places to live in England by iLiveHere, Blackpool was ranked in 23rd place.

A poll was set up by iLiveHere so people could vote for the towns they think are the most depressing and the top 20 list is the result.

In total, just under 200 places were put up for nomination which were then voted on by the public - the full list is available to view on the website here.

What did iLiveHere say about Blackpool?

Blackpool features in 17th place on the list and this is what was said about the town.

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iLiveHere said: “There was bound to be a faded seaside town on our list.

“Winter in these towns is enough to make even the most hardened turn to smack.

“Blackpool fills the ‘türd rolled in glitter’ entry a treat.”

While some people have negative views of Blackpool, others compliment the seaside town's attractions on Tripadvisor.

One reviewer said Blackpool Zoo is an “extremely fun” place to go while another said they had a “beautiful day” there.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is also popular with visitors with one saying it was “so fun”.

Another questioned why some people “say bad things” about Blackpool.

Thousands of readers voted on the poll which chose Falmouth in Cornwall as the most depressing town for 2024.

Other locations in the top 20 include Basingstoke, Widnes, Croydon, Luton and Aberdeen.