A Lancashire seaside town has been named the most relaxing when it comes to having a staycation getaway.

A new study by wellness experts UK Saunas analysed the number of hotels and spas in seaside towns and villages, as well as their population.

It also ranked locations using categories from the UK Health Index related to peacefulness and relaxation, including categories like access to green spaces, crime rate and mental health rate.

Blackpool came out on top in the list of the UK’s top 10 most peaceful seaside towns and villages.

Lancashire Telegraph: Blackpool was crowned the most peaceful seaside town in the UKBlackpool was crowned the most peaceful seaside town in the UK (Image: Getty Images)

UK’s top 10 most peaceful seaside towns and villages

Here are the UK's top 10 most peaceful seaside towns and villages, according to the study by UK Saunas.

1 - Blackpool
2 - Bournemouth
3 - Scarborough
4 - Newquay
5 - Weymouth
6 - Falmouth, Cornwall
7 - Weston-super-Mare
8 - Brighton
9 - Llandudno
10 - Bridlington

A wellness expert from UK Saunas has explained the mental health benefits of taking a seaside visit: “Mental health has become a vital issue for the public following years of pandemic-induced stress and now the cost of living crisis. 45.8 million adults in the UK experience anxiety and depression on any given week, but holiday goers have reported a decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone, after a trip abroad from their day-to-day lives.

“With 56% of UK adults feeling deprived of a holiday due to the cost of living, a trip to the seaside is an affordable opportunity for much-needed rest and relaxation, with a staycation costing an average of £142.73 per night.

“Studies have shown that because holidays give you an opportunity to take a break from aspects of home and work life that can be sources of anxiety, you can drastically reduce your stress levels.

“By separating yourself from situations that cause significant stress, you can instead focus on wellness and enjoying life. The benefits of this are majorly important. Increased wellness can improve your mental health as well as fertility, and reduce weight gain and heart attack risks.”

To come up with the list, UK Saunas collected the names and population of all seaside towns and villages in the UK and utilised the government’s UK Health Index to find the score of each town and village in relation to peace and relaxation including access to green spaces, crime rate, mental health rate, physiological risk factors and access to services.

They also used Tripadvisor and Google Reviews to find the number of hotels and spas in each of the towns.