Blackburn Rovers have insisted the club will not be impacted by the adjournment of Venkateshwara Hatcheries Private Limited's application to push through funding.

Venky's have been using the High Court of Delhi to send money over to the club after the parent company was placed under restrictions by the Indian Government.

Rovers' owners are under investigation and last year had assets worth £7.3m seized, relating to money used to purchase a luxury house in Lancashire in 2011.

In October, a further order was made by India’s Enforcement Directorate to seize £2.3m of assets as part of 'an investigation relating to alleged violation of the foreign exchange law'.

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That has made transferring funds for the club's day-to-day operations even more difficult. However, in November, a High Court ruling allowed £11.5million to be transferred to help fund the club. That money was specifically allocated for wages, utility balls, paying creditors and other running costs.

Rovers' owners were hopeful of providing another cash injection in January with the High Court of Delhi setting the 24th as the date for the hearing. Given a precedent had been set at the last hearing, the club were confident permission to transfer funds would once again be granted.

However, The High Court has now postponed the hearing until March 12. The official documentation states 'in view of the scheduled vigilance Committee meeting at 5pm, the matter can not be taken up today'. It then lists the new date for the hearing.

That has, understandably, caused concern in the Rovers fan base. However, a club statement has reiterated that the day-to-day running of the football club won't be impacted.

It also states that Venky's will soon be providing funding for the remainder of the season whilst trying to resolve the restrictions in India.

"Blackburn Rovers wish to allay concerns amongst our supporters regarding the latest legal proceedings and developments taking place in India involving our Owners," the statement says.

"The club can confirm that the adjournment of this week’s scheduled High Court hearing in Delhi will not impact the day-to-day funding of the club in any way.

"As is public knowledge, £11m of interim funding was made available to the club – backed by a personal guarantee – before Christmas, with a further tranche of funds set to be received in due course, which will cover club costs until at least the end of the season, in which time the Owners will be trying to get closure on the current investigation into one of their overseas companies.

"The Owners have given assurance to the Board and Executive of BRFC that they will continue to fully support the club, as they have done since they acquired the club in 2010.

"Whilst the club would not normally comment on social media speculation, we felt it was important to update supporters on the matter on this occasion."