Rovers have received a financial boost after a difficult spell off the pitch caused by changes to Indian tax laws.

Venkateshwara Hatcheries Private Limited (VHPL) has been awarded a High Court order to release around £11million in funding to the club.

VHPL has been involved in a row with the Indian government and had assets worth £7.3m seized, relating to money used to purchase a luxury house in Lancashire in 2011.

Venky's Overseas Limited, another company within VHPL, purchased the property 12 years ago from former Manchester United and England defender Gary Neville.

Last month, a second order was made by India’s Enforcement Directorate to seize a further £2.3m of assets as part of 'an investigation relating to alleged violation of the foreign exchange law'.

However, the High Court is satisfied that “the function of the club is not yet under any cloud of suspicion” which meant the latest funding was sanctioned.

Around £8m of it will go towards wages and salaries, while £900,000 will cover VAT and around £217,000 is marked for ‘repayment of loan’.

Additionally, £1.8m will cover agent fees and £572,000 will go towards utilities as part of the day-to-day running of the club.

The impacts of changes to Indian tax laws have been a major talking point since the summer, with the wage bill cut by 15 per cent in June. The club did go on to sign a couple of players for undisclosed fees.

Speaking in September, director of football Gregg Broughton told The Lancashire Telegraph: "The owners have been very clear, they do not want to sell the football club. They are committed to the project, committed to the football club.

"They have shown they can ride through the difficult situation they're having with India. They are fully supportive of us financially, they have to support the club to the tune of around £20million per year and they are fully committed to that."