To celebrate Lancashire Day and the heart and soul of the county, a community group has announced winners of this year’s Lancastrian Awards.

Following Lancashire Day on November 27, Friends of Real Lancashire have unveiled the winners so far, shining a spotlight on individuals and groups who have made exceptional contributions to their communities.

A spokesperson for Friends of Real Lancashire said: “To be recognised, the winners have shown an unwavering commitment to nurturing and promoting the essence of Real Lancashire.

“From hundreds of nominations, our judges have selected eighteen outstanding winners, three from each of Lancashire's historic hundreds, each a beacon of inspiration.”

Lancastrian Awards 2023 winners

Julieann Seaton - Lonsdale Hundred

Julieann Seaton, from Lancaster, has been honoured for her work with the food club.

Beyond providing meals, Julieann actively engages with the community to participate in meetings and works tirelessly to secure resources for the food club.

Friends of Real Lancashire said: “Her kind-heartedness and genuine desire to help others embody the true spirit of Lancashire.

"Julieann isn't just running a food club; she's nurturing a community and making a significant difference in countless lives.”

Canalside Activity and Environment Centre - Blackburn Hundred

The Canalside Centre in Mill Hill, Blackburn, has been celebrated for providing adventure and learning opportunities to more than 5,500 young people across Lancashire.

Friends of Real Lancashire said: “We're excited to announce the Canalside Activity and Environment Centre as a winner of a Lancastrian Award for their outstanding contribution to outdoor education and community engagement!

"The centre has been a beacon of adventure and learning for young people.

“Let's give a round of applause to the Canalside Activity and Environment Centre for their remarkable work in bringing the joy of the outdoors to our youth and for making a positive impact in our community.”

Mulberry Community Project - Amounderness Hundred

The Mulberry Community Project, based in Blackpool, has been acknowledged for its profound impact on the Lancashire community.

Friends of Real Lancashire said: “The impact of the Mulberry Community Project is profound and life-changing. Their work doesn't just offer assistance, it saves lives, changes lives, and gives people a chance to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

“Under the leadership of Keith Stevenson, this Blackpool-based initiative has become a beacon of hope and support, truly representing the ethos of giving, caring, and making a difference in the community.”

KTB Music - Leyland Hundred

KTB Music, based in Little Hoole, has been recognised for its “exceptional contribution to community spirit and Lancashire's musical heritage.” The group was founded by Katy Bradley who donates her time to performing at local events.

Friends of Real Lancashire said: “KTB Music embodies the true Lancastrian spirit. Through well-being singing sessions, community choirs, and performances, they have been a harmonious force in the community, singing songs that beautifully portray the Lancashire we know and love.”

Keep Darwen Tidy - Darwen

Keep Darwen Tidy has been acknowledged for its dedication to cleaning up streets, parks, and rural areas. The volunteers' commitment has led to significant positive changes in Darwen.

Praising the organisation for their hard work, Friends of Real Lancashire said: “Day in, day out, the volunteers at Keep Darwen Tidy are out in force, come rain or shine, dedicating their time to clean up our streets, parks, and rural areas. Their commitment to picking up litter daily is beyond compare, showing what true community spirit looks like.

“Keep Darwen Tidy's volunteers are not just keeping our town clean, they're setting a shining example of how collective action can lead to real, positive change in our environment. They're true environmental heroes, making a substantial difference in our community.”

Eric Simms - West Derby Hundred

At 90 years old, Eric Simms of Ormskirk has been honoured for his dedication to the community. As a Scout leader and active church member, Friends of Real Lancashire said: “Eric embodies the spirit of a Lancastrian spirit – full of compassion.”

They added: “His service extends well beyond scouting. Eric has been a pivotal figure in leading the Remembrance Day and St. George's Day parades, contributing significantly to these vital community traditions.

“His lifelong service across various facets of community life in West Derby Hundred has left an indelible mark, making him a shining example of the profound impact one individual can have.”

Wyre and Fylde community defibrillators fundraising - Amounderness Hundred

Helen Crane and Gilly Atkinson, founders of this lifesaving charity, have been recognised for their exceptional work in placing 41 defibrillators across the region and have raised more than £60,000 for the cause.

Friends of Real Lancashire said: “They personally manage the defibrillator units, ensuring they are emergency-ready by regularly replacing pads, batteries, and maintaining supplies. This hands-on approach demonstrates their unwavering commitment to saving lives.

“These extraordinary ladies have dedicated their time and energy, all voluntarily, to make Wyre and Fylde a safer place. They truly embody the spirit of selfless service and community care.”

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