NOVEMBER 27 is a date which should be etched on the heart of every true Lancastrian.

For it is known as Lancashire Day, when those born within the boundaries of the red rose county should proclaim their allegiance.

It stems from 1295 when, on November 27, the first elected representatives from Lancashire were summoned by King Edward I to attend Parliament at Westminster, this was later to be know as the Model Parliament and was the beginning of democracy in Britain.

700 years later, November 27, 1995, Peter Thurnham, then the MP for Bolton North East, tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons calling on all local authorities to signpost the boundaries of Lancashire and other historic counties.

Because of its historic connections, this date has been adopted as Lancashire Day, and was proclaimed as such throughout the county in 1996.

As an act of unity, and no matter where they were in the world, Lancastrians were asked to raise their glasses at 9pm and drink the Loyal Toast to "The Queen, Duke of Lancaster". Now, King Charles is the Duke of Lancaster. 

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Today the Lancashire Day proclamation is read out by town criers throughout the county on that date.


To the people of the city and County Palatine of Lancaster, Greetings!

Know ye that this day, November 27th in the year of our Lord 2023 the 2nd year of the reign of His Majesty King Charles III, Duke of Lancaster, is Lancashire Day.

Know ye also and rejoice, that by virtue of His Majesty's County Palatine of Lancaster, the citizens of the Hundreds of Lonsdale, North and South of the Sands, Amounderness, Leyland, Blackburn, Salford and West Derby are forever entitled to style themselves Lancastrians.

Throughout the County Palatine, from the Furness Fells to the River Mersey, from the Irish sea to the Pennines, this day shall ever mark the people's pleasure in that excellent distinction - true Lancastrians, proud of the Red Rose and loyal to our Sovereign Duke.

God bless Lancashire and God Save the King,
Duke of Lancaster