A Burnley-born actor is set to make an appearance in upcoming Hollywood film Wonka – and if you are an Asda customer you might recognise his face.

Muzz Khan, who is currently living in Nelson, plays an Oompa Loompa guard in the film which is set to air this December.

Muzz, a former Edge End High School pupil, will star alongside Timothee Chalamet, who plays a young Willy Wonka, in an origins story about the eccentric Roald Dahl chocolate factory owner.

The film also stars Hugh Grant who plays an Oompa-Loompa.

Muzz said he might be unrecognisable in the blockbuster as he is brought to life with CGI.

He said: “Filming was crazy because I play a small role and my character is all in CGI. I don't even know if you'll recognise me!

“With CGI, they had to draw lots of black dots on my face for facial motion capture. I then had to contort my face into around 100 different shapes and emotions.

“These are then captured by dozens of cameras simultaneously and transferred to a computer database to then be used for creating my character.”

Muzz said he did not know Hugh Grant was part of the production until he saw the trailer.

The former Marsden Primary School pupil said: “The I didn't get to work with any actors. I had to work solo due to the nature of the part.

“The crew were exquisite though and complete masters of their craft.

“We filmed at Warner Brothers Studios near London - I had no idea that Hugh Grant was going to be an Oompa Loompa until I saw him in the trailer so I may well be guarding him!”

Muzz, who attended Accrington and Rossendale College in Rawtenstall, has appeared in several productions in recent years

Most recently he appeared as Adyan Khan in series five of Sky’s Brassic.

Muzz, 42, joined the cast in August last year and described his character as a “quirky one”.

Asda customers may also recognise Muzz as he was the face of the brand, appearing in adverts, at the start of the pandemic.

(Credit: YouTube/Asda)

He said: “I think, out of my lengthy career to date, the ASDA job was the most special.

“Landing a commercial is incredibly difficult at the best of times, never mind being told that you're going to be the face and voice of one. 

“I was following in the footsteps and taking over the baton from people like Julie Walters and Diane Morgan, so it was a big deal for me.

Lancashire Telegraph: Muzz Khan filming an Asda advertMuzz Khan filming an Asda advert (Image: Muzz Khan)

“We ended up doing around 25 adverts in the end, including the Christmas one which was truly magical and the biggest honour of my life.

“I grew up shopping in ASDA and used to go loads during college too.”

Muzz said he is still recognised today for his appearance in the adverts.

He said: “The pandemic was such a dark period for many and I'm grateful that the heartwarming ASDA ads brought us and millions of people at home such joy.

“The first advert got off to a rocky start and I received a lot of online racist and xenophobic abuse from the minority.

“Conversely, I got recognised in the streets in some of the most random places. In one of the lockdown lifts, I took the kids to the beach in Sussex and there were people asking us for selfies.

“I still getting people shouting ‘Asda guy’ when I walk down the street today. It’s utterly bonkers.”