A man has taken incredible pictures of the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, over Knuzden.

According to the Met Office, stargazers will have another chance to see the phenomenon this evening (September 19).

John Walsh took the incredible pictures on Monday, September 18.

He said: “I took the pictures at around 8pm. You can see northern lights from anywhere in this area under the right conditions.

“I have photographed them many times. I'm an astronomer and I follow these things very passionately.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Northern lights over KnuzdenNorthern lights over Knuzden (Image: John Walsh)

Since posting the pictures to Facebook hundreds of people have liked, shared and commented on them.

One person said: “Fantastic, John. Just amazing.”

Another said: “Fantastic pictures. I’ve been getting loads of shots of the aurora from friends in Scotland the last couple of nights.

“Would love to send them one of these.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Northern lights over KnuzdenNorthern lights over Knuzden (Image: John Walsh)

The Met Office say the northern lights could be visible again tonight until 6am but suggest the cloud coverage may prevent this.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: “The aurora was seen last night and despite a lower chance tonight, some northern areas may catch a glimpse. For most though, it's likely to be too cloudy to see the northern lights.”

Where is the best place to see the northern lights in Lancashire?


The further north you go the better chance you will have of seeing the lights.

In the past photographers have managed to spot the phenomenon in Rivington, Blackburn, Lancaster, Morecambe and beyond.

Tips on seeing the aurora

  • You need a clear night with no cloud cover
  • Find a dark location with no light pollution
  • Look toward the northern horizon
  • Be cautious that geomagnetic activity can cause disturbances to satellite navigation (GNSS/GPS etc)

Lancashire’s weather forecast

A yellow weather warning for heavy rain is in place until 6pm on Wednesday.

Across East Lancashire it is expected to be cloudy and windy.

Will you be taking pictures of the northern lights tonight? Send your pictures to: sarah.mcgee@newsquest.co.uk