A councillor has assured residents they are doing “everything possible” to deter fly tipping after a large amount of rubbish was found dumped near a canal.

Simon Glasson was out walking in Barrowford on Sunday morning (July 16) and came across the rubbish near on the Canal and Rivers Trust access road near Barrowford Locks.

The rubbish was dumped in the middle of a path leading down from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, making the route inaccessible for anybody unable to walk around it.

Lancashire Telegraph: The fly-tip was found blocking a path near the Leeds and Liverpool CanalThe fly-tip was found blocking a path near the Leeds and Liverpool Canal (Image: Simon Glasson)

Simon told the Lancashire Telegraph: "My first thoughts were 'what the hell is this?' I thought they were blocking the access for some works but upon a closer look I realised it was fly-tippng, which made me feel sad and disappointed. 

"I'm sure there are multiple CCTV cameras about on the route they took to dump it or maybe there is some evidence in the pile of where it came from."

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Cllr Martyn Stone (Barrowford and Pendleside, Conservative) labelled the actions a “blight” and said councillors are working to deter such problems.

He said: “Fly tipping is a blight on our streets and green spaces.

"Working with residents and Pendle's Environmental Crime Officers, I and my fellow Barrowford Councillors are keen to ensure the full weight of the law is brought down on fly tippers.

“Residents can be assured that we are working for them to do everything possible to deter this disgusting anti-social behaviour.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Councillors say they are doing everything they can to deter fly-tippingCouncillors say they are doing everything they can to deter fly-tipping (Image: Simon Glasson)

Cllr Nadeed Ahmed (Barrowford and Pendleside, Conservative) added: “It’s disgraceful that anyone feels it’s appropriate to illegally dump waste anywhere within the borough. 

“I'm saddened that this particular fly tip was on land owned by the Canal and River Trust which means they’ll have to divert valuable resources to remove the waste.” 

Residents also registered their disgust at the fly-tip in comments on a Facebook post.

One said: “Unbelievable. Absolutely zero respect for the area. Hope they’re found, made to clean it up, and named and shamed, but I doubt it!”

Another said: “Fingers crossed there is CCTV around there so they can try to find the culprits and punish them accordingly.

“No ‘slap on the wrist and don’t do it again.’ I’m talking hefty fines and made to pick up every little piece and made to dispose of it properly.”