A councillor has slammed fly-tippers who dumped a large amount of household furniture on a street corner in Blackburn.

The furniture which included a set of chairs, carpets and a treadmill was spotted by residents on the corner of Ripon Street, Nottingham Street and behind Lambeth Street in the Audley area of Blackburn.

It is believed the rubbish was dumped at the spot late in the evening on Wednesday (June 14).

Audley and Queen’s Park Councillor Salim Sidat said the amount of rubbish was shocking, and it "appears somebody had some sort of renovation in the house and decided to dump the rubbish for someone else to pick up".

He said: “As a council we will get this removed but this is absolutely disgusting.”

“We believe this fly tip occurred between 9pm and 10pm on Wednesday.

“Residents are tired of people dumping rubbish in this area. 

“People living on Ripon Street and Nottingham Street and the surrounding areas are doing a fantastic job keeping the back alleys cleaned. They have been hard at work keeping their neighbourhoods cleaned.

“Residents have a WhatsApp group and they communicate regularly with any issues.

“It’s just a handful of residents who fly tip every week. I would urge if anyone has any information with regards to fly tipping to please get in touch with the council or they can contact me directly.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

The household rubbish was dumped on Wednesday night

Lancashire Telegraph:

Lancashire Telegraph:

The Blackburn with Darwen Council website says fly-tipping is classed as the dumping of rubbish illegally. If the rubbish can be removed with one person and a litter picker then this is not classed as fly tipping.

The Council cannot remove fly tipping that has been dumped on privately maintained land, however it will investigate this to try and identify the offender.

People are encouraged to use the recycling centre at George Street West which is open six days a week from 8am to 7pm. The tip is closed on Wednesdays.