American actress, Sandra Bullock, sent a video message to an ‘extraordinary’ Barrowford woman who died after battling a brain tumour.

In May, 23-year-old Laura Nuttall died after battling a highly invasive type of brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme.

Her mum, Nicola, and sister, Gracie, appeared on BBC Breakfast yesterday morning and shared a snippet of the video that Sandra, known for Miss Congeniality and Speed, sent to Laura in the days before she died.

In the video Sandra said: “I have just spent the last day and a half looking at the extraordinary life that you have lived so far.

"It brought shame upon my person because my accomplishments were way below yours but what I've also been looking at is your family. You have an extraordinary family."

Nicola said: “Laura was a huge Sandra Bullock fan. Unfortunately, we received the message quite close to the end.

“She did get to watch it, maybe four times, and she was thrilled with it. Sandra kept saying she would come over and have a pint with her.

“I kept saying to Laura ‘come on it would be great! We will take her to the Pendle Inn it would be brilliant.”

Grace made a video for the segment calling her sister an “amazing” person.

She said: "I think Laura changed the world in so many different ways, not just for her family and friends. So many people know [more] about brain tumours and the damage they can do.

“She was very kind, always doing things for other people. She was always the one who thought everything through and had a life plan from the age of around eight-years-old.

“She was so fun and had a wickedly dark sense of humour.

"She was never scared of dying, she was just scared of unfilled potential.”

Gracie also spoke about the moment doctors told Laura, aged 18 at the time, that she would only have a year to live.

Gracie said: “I was 16 when Laura was diagnosed and she was 18. They initially came to us and said she had got eight brain tumours.

“It felt like the world should have come crashing down… it didn’t feel real.

“The fact that she could deteriorate in front of us was going to be the scariest thing and I hoped it wouldn’t get to this point.

“That last month everything we hoped wouldn’t happen, happened.

“It is no way for anybody to die and this is why we need the funding for brain tumours and for people to be aware of it as it is so horrific.”

Nicola said: “She had an incredible legacy and it is our honour to carry on with that so we will try and carry on with all the things that were important to her.

“Laura couldn’t get over the fact that this is a cancer that kills more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other and gets [so little funding]. It didn’t make any sense to her.

“Things need to change as we have lost too many people to this awful disease.”

A memorial service, to celebrate Laura’s life, is set to take place tonight (June 27).

After being diagnosed in 2018, Laura spent years completing a ‘bucket list’ which included graduating from universitymeeting the Lionesses, and taking to the stage with comedian Peter Kay.