Renowned comedian, Peter Kay, has taken a Lancashire woman with terminal brain cancer to lunch weeks after her fourth major surgery.

Laura Nuttall, from Barrowford, has a highly invasive type of brain cancer called Glioblastoma Multiforme.

She was told she only had a year to live in 2018 but has since been defying the odds and ticking items off her ‘bucket list’.

In October, the 22-year-old underwent her fourth major brain surgery in order to remove the new tumours.

Lancashire Telegraph: Laura Nuttall (left) with her mum Nicola and dad Mark arrive at Peter Kay’s charity show Laura Nuttall (left) with her mum Nicola and dad Mark arrive at Peter Kay’s charity show (Image: (Peter Powell/PA))

While the surgery went well Laura’s mum, Nicola, said they were thinking of moving Christmas forward after a tumour grew back within two weeks of surgery, and moved into new areas of the brain.

She said her heart is “broken” and explained that things are “feeling pretty bleak”.

Nicola told the Lancashire Telegraph they have plans for further treatment and will continue to tick off items from Laura’s bucket list when she is better.

Nicola said: “The surgery went well but it’s in the nature of Glioblastoma to grow back if any remaining cells are left.

"Part of Laura’s tumour was entangled with the blood vessels that control her legs so that area couldn’t be removed without risk of paralysis.

“Unfortunately in the two weeks since surgery it had grown back and spread to other areas of the brain and so she was having emergency radiotherapy on Monday (November 7).

“We have lots of plans for Laura’s bucket list and hope to watch Laura’s school friend, Herbie Farnworth, play in the Rugby League World Cup final in two weeks, but everything will depend on how the radiotherapy goes.”

While it is a tough time for the family, Nicola has been tweeting out some things she is grateful for, including being taken out for lunch at The White Swan in Fence by comedian and national treasure Peter Kay.

Nicola said: “Today’s (November 4) joy has been a very special treat, the most wonderful lunch at The White Swan with with Peter Kay for company.

“Laughter won’t cure Glioblastoma but it’s definitely a blimmin’ [sic] good distraction for a couple of hours.”

It’s not the first time the family have met the comedian

In 2021, he performed a special one-off live show in aid of in aid of Laura. It was the first time he took the show in three years.

Peter Kay performed two sold-out sets at Manchester’s O2 Apollo to raise money for the 21-year-old to have immunotherapy treatment in Germany.

At the time Nicola said the gigs were “brilliant” and they had an “amazing day”.