Blackburn actress Helen Flanagan says she “will not be body shamed” after reading “vile” comments about her weight an appearance on a news article.

A national newspaper posted an article about the former Westholme School pupil’s trip to Mykonos. After reading some of the comments, the former Coronation Street star used her Instagram platform to “stick up for herself”.

One comment said: “Supposed to be hard work being a single unemployed mum, according to her woe is me crying posts regularly featured [in the media].

Another said: “’Duck faced’ very ex-actor seeking attention, again.”

“Irrelevant person,” said another. “When does she work, look after her children? Lazy self-centred narcissistic individual.”

Another said:“She seems to be gaining weight – and her new [breasts] are awful.”

A fifth commenter said: “Pigeon toed, cankles, wonky boobs. Stunning.”

“Gaining weight by the looks of things,” said another.

Another commenter said: “I saw her in an café in Bolton with her three kids. To me, an average person dripping in designer stuff… she was glued to her phone.”

“She’s fairly good looking but absolutely thick as s***,” said another, “which takes her from a six to a four.”

Speaking to her one million Instagram followers, Helen said: “I got papped [sic] yesterday in Mykonos and the comments on [the article] are vile.

“I am 5ft 4, size six/eight. I am really proud of my body. I’ve carried and given birth to three children.”

“I read rubbish about myself all the time but I just think it is disgusting. I am sticking up for myself because I think it’s really horrible to speak about other women in that way.

“I am all for women empowerment.”

Helen said she has a fast metabolism and knows how to pose in photos to get the most flattering angles.

She said: “I know the flattering angles but I am really short so in some pictures you can look a bit stumpy.

“I just think [the comments] are really horrible.

“I will not be body shamed I am so proud of my body. I also breastfed my children in total for three years.”

It is not the first time the Bolton-born woman has defended herself on social media. Last week she hit back at “vile commenters” who criticised her parenting style.

Some criticised Helen for taking pictures with her children and co-sleeping with her four-year-old daughter Delilah.