Blackburn actress Helen Flanagan has hit back at “vile” trolls who criticised her parenting technique.

In an Instagram post the former Westholme School Pupil, who has one million followers, said her two-year-old son was having tantrums.

She said: "Charlie’s tantrums today were off the scale [here is me] trying to get pictures with my two-year-old."

Credit: Instagram/@hjgflanagan)

The post has since been flooded with negative comments, criticising Helen’s parenting style.

Some have criticised Helen for taking pictures with her children and co-sleeping with her four-year-old daughter Delilah.

One comment said: "You’re why he [and Delilah] have tantrums, Helen.

"You are so overbearing and in their face all the time. I bet they don’t have tantrums like that when they’re with Scott and his mum?

“You said before that Delilah won’t let you out her sight and has to sleep with you, what did she do on holiday with Scott when you weren’t there?

"You are using your kids to cover up your own insecurities and making them want you constantly… you are turning them into needy brats. You will regret your parenting style when they’re older."

Another said: "Have you ever thought they don't want photos and kisses all the time? I've never known anyone to ask their kids for kiss after kiss."

"Stop shoving a phone in his face 24/7 trying to get a two-year-old to pose for likes on Instagram.

“I bet while he was having a meltdown you thought 'where’s my phone', instead of dealing with him."

A third commenter said: “Why do you constantly ask your kids for kiss after kiss? It’s not normal. Plus the way you talk to them it is like you are talking to puppies.

“You need to act like their mum. They need tough love and discipline.”

After reading the “vile” comments, Helen posted some screenshots to her story and defended herself.

She said: “Very strange some comments on Instagram. As a mum I want my kids to feel really loved, happy and safe.

“I am affectionate and I co-sleep because that is how Delilah is happier and I don’t want her to cry. She will grow out of it.

“Vile comments. I just love my kids.”