Burnley radio presenter Jordan North says he fainted while presenting new BBC Three show, Go Hard Or Go Home, which airs tonight (February 19).

Speaking to an online paper, Jordan said his work trip was hit with more bad luck after the plane he was in caught fire and he caught a stomach bug.

He said: “We missed our connecting flights. We had an emergency landing because one of the engines was on fire. I had a really bad tummy bug as well.

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“Then, I fainted on the first day at the top of the cliff with heatstroke. I'd been doing bits to camera for about 20 minutes. You know when you get up from a settee and go a bit dizzy? It was like that. I went a bit dizzy, and then it all was in slow motion.

“I put my hand on a cameraman’s shoulder and went down in stages. The next thing I know I’ve got all the medics round me with wet tea towels. The weather was unforgiving. But it was all worth it.”

Jordan said his experience was nothing compared to the eight contestants on the show, who will pair up with eight fitness professional to compete in challenges designed to push their minds and bodies to the absolute limit.

Jordan said: “I was just standing there talking to camera. I had the easy job. Those guys were exercising in that heat!”

The series will follow eight young people who feel stuck in a rut as they are cut off from the modern world in a month-long programme of transformation aimed at improving their health and wellbeing through extreme physical challenges.

Each of them will be paired with a ‘Warrior’ - experts in their specific fields of fitness and health - from MMA fighters to yogis, personal trainers to Olympians - who will mentor and push them every step of the way.

Each will have a unique set of skills and an individual approach which they hope will push their trainees out of their comfort zone and help them overcome the problems they are facing in their life.

Jordan said he took on the presenting job as it also shone a light on people who may have been suffering with mental health issues.

He said: “The whole premise of Go Hard or Go Home is to help out people in the UK who have had a bit of a tough time either due to the pandemic, health problems, bereavement issues, confidence issues or mental health issues.

“That was really appealing to me.”

Jordan said he used his own experience as a former I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here contestant the help the show’s participants.

He said: “The contestants really had to push themselves and really get out of their comfort zone and I could 100 per cent relate to that because two years ago, I was on a show where I was away from my home comforts and I had to really push myself.

“There was a lot of times I didn't see it as being a host or a TV presenter.

“It was just being there to help them, put an arm around them, just check in on them, see how they were getting on, and reflect to the audience at home watching on how they were feeling.”

Jordan hope viewers will watch the show and understand that everyone is on their own fitness and mental journey.

He said: “I want people to watch the show and understand that everybody's different. Everybody's got different fitness levels and everyone's got a different background and a different story.

“The show proves that people can come together, work together and get on. I also want people who watch the show to see that all of us have all got our own story.

“Sometimes we have things in life that are holding us back, or things happen that others don't see behind the scenes.

“All of the trainees were just great as they all opened up from the start.

“Hopefully, viewers can watch and empathise with people’s stories, and most importantly really enjoying watching it too.”

Go Hard or Go Home episodes 1 to 3 are released on Sunday 19 February on BBC iPlayer. Episode 1 airs Sunday 19 February at 9pm.