Burnley DJ, Jordan North, is in travel misery this week after facing lengthy airport delays as well as a terrifying emergency landing.

This comes after the Radio One presenter has been filming a BBC Three show in a mystery exotic location and also relaxing for a weekend in Spain.

Speaking on his drivetime radio segment, which he hosts with Vick Hope, the self-confessed nervous flyer said his plane had to be diverted while travelling for his new BBC show.

Lancashire Telegraph: Jordan NorthJordan North

On Monday, he told Radio 1 listeners: “So I was working away last week on this BBC Three show and it was in a very hot country.

"And then this weekend I managed to get a couple of days away in Spain.

“For the BBC show I had to get a lot of flights and, as you know, I am a nervous flyer.

“On one of the flights we had to make an emergency landing as all of a sudden the plane starting veering to the left.

“I asked the Spanish airline air host if everything was okay and if I needed to call my mum.

“He was so calm and collected and said: ‘Everything is fine. We may or may not have a small fire of the left engine’.

“I start flapping… he offered me a complimentary water.”

Jordan said “a load of fire engines” were at the runway when the plane landed. Thankfully, the error didn’t turn out to be an engine fire but a technical issue.

Jordan said: “The experience made me feel a lot better about flying because that’s why they have these things don’t they? To be super safe.

“I was shaking like a leaf but it was a good experience for me.”

Sadly, Jordan’s travel woes didn’t end there as he had to endure lengthy delays after a weekend away in Spain.  

In an Instagram story Jordan, 32, posted a video of a nearly empty baggage carousel at an airport as he waits for his luggage to arrive.

He captioned the video: “Is there anything more soul destroying”.

Lancashire Telegraph: Jordan North waiting for his luggage at the airportJordan North waiting for his luggage at the airport

He also commented on his almost four hour flight delay, writing that he was “meant to land at 9am”.

In another snap, Jordan showed a picture of his red face with the caption: “Sunburnt and knackered.”

Speaking on Radio 1, Jordan said: “I made a silly decision of falling asleep in the sun. I put factor 30 on but I am so sunburnt and so sore.

“I couldn’t even have the quilt cover on me last night.”

Jordan has recently been announced as the host for a brand new BBC Three show with the working title ‘Warrior’.

The new series will follow eight young people who feel stuck in a rut as they are cut off from the modern world in a month-long programme of transformation aimed at improving their health and wellbeing through extreme physical challenges.

Speaking about the show, Jordan North said: “Nearly two years ago, in front of the nation, I was sick on the edge of a cliff and everything changed forever - from there I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I haven’t looked back since. Which is why I love this show.

“We're pushing eight young people well beyond their comfort zones to become stronger in body and mind to help turn their lives around.”