Festival-goers have been left feeling outraged and disappointed after Lytham Festival announced a last-minute scheduling change.

Some customers are also disappointed with the price of alcohol at the 10-day event.

Irish rock band, Kodaline, were meant to be supporting headliners Snow Patrol tonight (30 June).

Lancashire Telegraph: Kodaline on stage (Photo: Niall Carson/PA)Kodaline on stage (Photo: Niall Carson/PA)

However, the festival recently announced that they will no longer be performing and that alternative rock band, Maxïmo Park, will be taking their place.

While some people are happy with the substitution, others are angry and say they only paid for the event in order to see Kodaline - some have decided not to go as a result.

Lytham Festival have not yet explained why Kodaline are no longer able to perform.

Tim Breaker, from Buckshaw Village, said he was “gutted” about the cancellation and is no longer attending as a result.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, he said: “I bought the tickets as a gift for my fiancée as we get married in September and ‘The One’ by Kodaline is our first dance.

“I was gutted to see they pulled out but even more disappointed that there seemed to be no reason and no communication to us to advise.

“We are now no longer going as the other acts don’t appeal to us. I don’t think you should read this kind of information on twitter.”

He has not been offered a refund.

He said: "They didn’t even email or contact us to advise of the change! We will save money on petrol, car parking and spends tonight."

Another ticketholder from the Ribble Valley, who is attending the festival with friends, said: “I was shocked that the only way I found out about it was through Twitter. There has been no communication from organisers about the cancellation and they’ve offered no explanation.

“Had it not been for the fact I’m a Twitter user, I would be none the wiser about the change – and I’m sure there will be people who only find out about the cancellation once they arrive.

“The lack of communication and explanation around this is really disappointing.”

Barbara Santry said: "No disrespect to Maximo Park but I was just really looking forward to seeing Kodaline.

“I’ll be listening to your music on the journey this evening in preparation for tomorrow.”

“Was looking forward to Kodaline more than Snow Patrol,” said Paula Foley. “Will still be a great night though.”

However, some people were please with the scheduling change.

One person said: “Personally this is fantastic news… love Maximo Park.”

Chris Sandiford said: “Brilliant last minute sub. Maxïmo are awesome live. Looking forward [to it] even more now.”

Customer are also disgruntled about the festival’s pricey drink prices where a pint of Carlsberg will cost you £6.50.

A glass of wine will set you back £7.50 a glass while a vodka and mixer will cost an eye-watering £8.50.

One persom said: “How much!? I know it’s been a few years since I was in a pub but come on!

“If I do go next year I’ll be taking my own booze.”

Another person said the high price was inevitable as the cost of living crisis rages on.

They said: “The price of everything has gone up so obviously there is going to be a knock-on effect.

“To be fair to the sellers though, their costs have gone up as well,” said another. “They will also have things such as fuel and wages to pay plus the fee to be onsite I would guess.”

“There's virtually nothing on there that I'd want to drink; what a dire selection. I'd probably just wait for it to rain and drink that,” commented another.

Another said: “Unfortunately that is the standard prices at all festivals now. I'm going to Rockprest this weekend and the prices will be the same.”

The 10-day Lytham festival kicked off on Tuesday (28 June) when  Diana Ross, Jack Savoretti and Cassidy Janson took to the stage.

On Wednesday, Lewis Capaldi entertained crowds along with JP Saxe and Luke LA Volpe.

Duran Duran headline on Friday with Nile Rodgers and Chic performing on Saturday.

Lytham is returning after a two-year Covid enforced absence and offers five more shows next week including Elbow next Thursday and The Strokes on Friday.

Lytham Festival has been approached for comment.

Kodaline has been approached for comment.