EAST Lancashire actor, Lucien Laviscount, is becoming a big name on the small screen landing roles in hit Netflix and BBC shows – but he hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings on Waterloo Road.

The actor, originally from Read, has featured on a YouTube video from Hits Radio to answer the internet’s burning questions about him and his career.

Many fans will remember Lucien, 29, when he starred as Jonah Kirby in BBC school drama series, Waterloo Road, between 2010-2011.

Lancashire Telegraph: Lucien Laviscount as Jonah Kirby on Waterloo Road. (Photo: BBC)Lucien Laviscount as Jonah Kirby on Waterloo Road. (Photo: BBC)

Lucien’s character enjoyed a dramatic plotline when he formed a relationship with his teacher, running away to Gretna Green to tie the knot.

Asking about his Waterloo Road stint, a fan tweeted: “The year Lucien Laviscount was on Waterloo Road changed the entire trajectory of my life.

“Never have I loved a man the way I loved Jonah Kirby.”

Lucien said: “That’s going back and it was a long time ago. That was probably one of the first jobs I can say was so impactful on my life.

“I used to watch Waterloo Road growing up and when I was able to be on that show I was like ‘yes – I’ve made it’ and all my dreams came true… to play Jonah Kirby was such a blessing.

“I don’t know what happened to the trajectory of your life, because I kind of got engaged to a teacher. Hopefully you didn’t do that.”

In the YouTube video, Lucien also opened up about his more recent role in Netflix show, Emily in Paris, where he has been announced as a series regular.

He plays a character called Alfie, who is the protagonist’s love interest.

Lucien said: “I am going back to shoot a show called Emily in Paris soon. I am going to Paris, I am going to learn French and I am going to be fluent in French by the end of the year.

“With a French name like mine, I think I’ve got to learn to speak French.”

Lucien also opened up about the importance of the show and how grateful he is to be part of it.

He said: “A little girl came running up to me on the way here and asked me for a picture and asked how my day was going.

“She told me ‘thank you for making my day and having this picture’

“[Things like that] all means a lot.

“I really appreciate everything that the show has brought and to be part of it.”

Busy Lucien is also the star of a BBC show, Peacock, which launched on Monday 25 April.

It is a three part comedy series from the creators of Friday Night Dinner and writers of BAFTA award winning People Just Do Nothing.

Allan ‘Seapa’ Mustafa, from People Just Do Nothing, stars as Andy Peacock while Lucien will play a character called Jay.

Speaking about his experience filming, he said: “I’ve never been on set with people who just riff.

“The comedy is thick and fast and these guys have no stop button and I am here today to impress them.

“I am really thankful to be in the mix with these boys and girls.”

You can watch the full interview with Lucien on the Hits Radio YouTube channel.