Radio 1 presenters descended on East Lancashire yesterday (3 March), as they prepare to welcome Jordan North who is rowing 100 miles to Burnley, for Comic Relief.

However, Greg James shared his hotel room with two unexpected guests.

After arriving at Burnley Manchester Road station, Greg headed to his hotel room where he found a false eyelash and a nail in his room.

Lancashire Telegraph: Greg James found a fake eyelash and toenail in his Burnley hotel room (Photo: Instagram/@greg_james)Greg James found a fake eyelash and toenail in his Burnley hotel room (Photo: Instagram/@greg_james)

Sharing the photo to his one million Instagram followers, Greg said: “Absolute pleasure to share my hotel room with someone’s fake eyelash and toenail last night (3 March).”

He has not confirmed the name of the hotel he is staying at. 

Greg arrived at Burnley Manchester Road station last night, writing “see you at the finish line Jordan North”.

Lancashire Telegraph: Greg James arrived at Burnley Manchester Road station. (Photo: Instagram/@greg_james)Greg James arrived at Burnley Manchester Road station. (Photo: Instagram/@greg_james)

He wasn’t the only Radio 1 presenter to arrive in East Lancashire as Vick Hope and Katie Thistleton updated fans about their arrival in Blackburn.

The Blackburn Dunkenhalgh Hotel & Spa offered them a much nicer experience, sticking pictures of Jordan on walls around the building.

At the hotel, she panned to the pictures of Jordan’s face around the hotel and said: “Look how cute this is".

Lancashire Telegraph: Vick Hope stayed at a Blackburn hotel last night (Instagram/@vicknhope)Vick Hope stayed at a Blackburn hotel last night (Instagram/@vicknhope)

Katie Thistleton said: “Look at what the hotel’s done. There are little pictures everywhere, little pictures of Jordan.”

A spokesperson for hotel and spa said: "The team here at the Dunkenhalgh, were delighted to have looked after Jordan North. 

"We wanted to ensure that he had a good night’s rest ahead of his final journey but also to make him aware of the impact he has had on the town of Burnley. 

"As well as the video message from the Burnley FC Manager, we also organised for the team mascot ‘Bertie the Bee’ to greet him at the Hotel, along with all of our staff, to give him a real hero’s welcome. 

"Suffice to say, Jordan and his team were completely overwhelmed.

"We were more than happy to quite literally roll out the red carpet for him."

If you would like me provide pictures or the video, I’m more than happy to do so.

Jordan has been rowing 100 miles from London to Burnley, for Comic Relief, and only has 10 miles left to complete.

He is set to finish the challenge today (4 March) after starting the challenge on Monday.

So far, Jordan has raised over £400,000 for the Comic Relief challenge.

However, the Burnley FC ambassador hasn’t found it easy saying it has left him “physically, mentally and emotionally broken".

Jordan has shared pictures of his blistered hands and even got “jelly legs” and falling to the floor after completing a leg of the journey earlier this week.

You can make a donation by visiting the Comic Relief website: