Burnley radio presenter, Jordan North, has encountered a problem on the last day of his Comic Relief rowing challenge.

Jordan has been rowing 100 miles from London to Burnley and only has 10 miles left to complete.

However, he has encountered a huge issue in the final stretch – as some of the canals on the route don’t actually contain any water.

Jordan, 32, says the dry canals mean the challenge “will take much longer” and has left him feeling “demoralised”.

Lancashire Telegraph: Burnley's Jordan North, training for his 100 mile rowing challenge for Red Nose Day (Photo: BBC)Burnley's Jordan North, training for his 100 mile rowing challenge for Red Nose Day (Photo: BBC)

Speaking to Greg James on the Radio 1 breakfast show today (4 March), Jordan said: “We’ve got a bit of a problem. We’ve just been told this news and it’s really frustrating.

“Because of the damage of the storms, some sections of the canal we were going to row on today have been drained and are completely dry.

“Only I can come to a canal and it’s completely drained.

“I asked ‘can’t we just scrape our way through it?’”

Jordan added that the Comic Relief and Radio 1 team are “running around like headless chickens” trying to find a solution".

He said: “The team from Comic Relief have been frantically figuring out what route to take to do the 100 miles.

“I’ve said ‘as long as we get to Burnley and do the 100 miles that’s fine’.

“I am going to start rowing any time now. We will definitely, 100 per cent get the final 10 miles done – it’s just going to take a bit longer than what we thought which is just my luck really.”

Jordan said he the problem has left him feeling “demoralised” as his body is “in bits again today” – but he is still determined to finish.

He said: “I am going to get back in that boat, come hell or high water, or no water, I am getting to Burnley today.”

So far, Jordan has raised over £400,000 for the Comic Relief challenge, which he started on Monday (28 February).

However, the Burnley FC ambassador hasn’t found it easy saying it has left him “physically, mentally and emotionally broken.”

Jordan has shared pictures of his blistered hands and even got “jelly legs” and falling to the floor after completing a leg of the journey earlier this week.

You can make a donation by visiting the Comic Relief website: https://www.comicrelief.com/rednoseday/challenges/radio-one.