The Radford family returned to our screens on Wednesday (5 January) with a brand new series of 22 Kids and Counting.

In the first episode, the Morecambe family-of-24 are faced with the tricky decision of whether to keep expanding their family or not.

After 31 years of building Britain’s biggest family, Noel and Sue have made their decision.

In the episode, Noel and Sue called a family meeting to tell the kids their decision.

In the episode, Noel said: “We’ve got you all in here because we’ve all heard the rumours going around the house with you thinking me and Mum are going to have another baby.

“We’re going to put the record straight – mum and me both decided no more. We’re done.

"There are no more babies, no more brothers and sisters for you lot. We are happy with what we’ve got.

“Heidie is the last of the Radford clan.”

21-year-old Luke said: “You’ve said this multiple times… can we get this in writing?”

Sue, 46, said: “We’re definitely not going to have any more. 22 is a lovely number to finish on.

Noel said: “We can spend more time together and just live life to the full.”

After the announcement and decision to not have anymore babies, Sue decided to declutter some of the children’s old baby clothes and take them to an East Lancashire baby bank.

Sue, who had her first baby at 14-years-old, came to Accrington Market last August and spoke to the owner of Hyndburn Baby Bank, Kate Walsh.

Hyndburn Baby Bank is a place where people can donate items for babies/toddlers and their parents.

People in need are welcome to come and get supplies, with no questions asked, of toiletries, clothes, milk and more.

In the episode she caught up with owner, Kate Walsh, and shared her story with fellow teen mum, Zoe.

In the episode, Sue talked about the stigma and challenges she faced as a young mum.

She said: “The cost of things – that was really hard when we had Chris and Sophie.

 “It makes your stronger thought doesn’t it? It makes you want to do better in life.”

Sue had high praise for the baby bank and said: “There are so many families that really do rely on places like that.

“We get why [places like Hyndburn Baby Bank] are important for people– it is invaluable for families that need it.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Kate Walsh said: “Sue was dropping off some items for the baby bank. We do a clothing swap which helps families that are struggling.

“She’s got a lot of extra baby clothes and she wanted to drop some off and she did bring in quite a lot.

“It came in useful for so many other families and it’s so much better than just going off to the tip.”

Talking about Sue, Kate said she was just as humble and “lovely” as she appeared on screen.

She said: “She’s just so lovely and humble and just wanted to talk about the children.

“You can just tell she is so attached to her kids and couldn’t wait to get back home to them. You can tell there is probably not a bad bone in her body.

“I don’t think she sees herself as a celebrity. [The Radford’s] are just living their life and everyone just happens to be interested in it.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Kate Walsh with Sue RadfordKate Walsh with Sue Radford

Kate added that members of the baby bank were grateful for the media exposure and for the Channel 5 team to visit.

She said: “This type of media exposure means a lot to us because we were 100 per cent reliant on people’s funding.

“Having exposure like this just means to much because we need money to keep going for rent, storage, courses and more.”

The Hyndburn Baby Bank is relaunching on 15 January as The Burrow. They will be more focused on making sustainable products inclusive for families while continuing to supply essential items to all who need it.

Find out more by visiting their Facebook page or calling: 07495138542.

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