Britain’s largest family will be returning to our screens tonight (5 January) as a new series of 22 Kids and Counting kicks off - and an East Lancashire market will make an appearance in the first episode.

The Radford family made the announcement on their Instagram page, writing: “We're so excited to announce that the new series of 22 Kids & Counting starts [5 January].

“We had so much fun filming this series and we can't wait to watch all 10 episodes back with you guys!

“There are loads of exciting moments to come that we kept separate from our vlog content - including Bonnie and Heidie's double christening, a big family barbecue on the beach and the bulldogs entering a sausage catching contest.” 

Sue and Noel, their 22 children, two grannies, seven grandchildren and four badly behaved dogs have had a year like no other.

The first episode will air on Channel 5 this evening – and an East Lancashire market is set to make an appearance.

In the segment, Sue is reminded of tough times in the past when she visits a baby clothes bank in Accrington Market.

Sue came to Accrington Market last August and spoke to the owner of Hyndburn Baby Bank.

At the time, Sameena King, Accrington market manager, said: “Sue Radford attended Accrington Market to learn more about the great work Kate Walsh is doing in the local Hyndburn community.

Lancashire Telegraph: Sue Radford came to Hyndburn Baby Bank in August (Facebook/@hyndburnbabybank)Sue Radford came to Hyndburn Baby Bank in August (Facebook/@hyndburnbabybank)

“Sue Radford visited the Baby Bank as she wanted to learn about the support available for parents and understand what support and resources people need to live happy and healthy lives as families.

“Sue spoke to Kate Walsh about her work and Sue also donated lots of beautiful clothing to the Baby Bank. Sue also took the time to talk to local teen mum Zoe about her own lived experiences.”

To find out more about what was said at the baby bank you will have to tune into tonight's episode. 

That’s not the only thing you can expect from tonight’s episode as the Radfords are also faced with one of the most important decisions they will ever make - should they continue having children or stop at 22?

When another giant family, the Walkers, come to visit, Noel and Sue have time to speak with their old friends about what they should do. Once their minds are made up, they have to break the news to the rest of the family.

Noel’s been running his pie business for over 20 years and these days he’s helped out by 25-year-old daughter Chloe, but they are at breaking point as they face a post-pandemic boom in online sales. 

Can they keep up with the mountain of orders or will they start to lose customers? As well as the pie shop Noel is busy with DIY and it all goes horribly wrong when a ladder slips and he finds himself dangling from the roof of the house with nobody to save him but the toddlers.

This new series will showcase how the mammoth family deal with all the challenges that are thrown at them they always find a way to have fun, whether it’s a trip around The Highlands in two noisy camper vans, an impromptu game of hide and seek in every corner of their 10 bed home, training the mischievous bulldogs for a sausage catching contest, barbecues on the beach or finally being able to bring the whole extended brood together for a joyful double christening to welcome Bonnie and Heidie to the great big family.

The new series of 22 Kids and Counting will air 5 January on Channel 5 at 9pm.