Burnley’s Radio DJ, Jordan North, has faced his fear of heights in his brand new ITV show.

In last night’s episode (20 October) of Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding, the duo went paragliding in Spain.

Jordan, whose fear of heights was shown during his ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ appearance in 2020, wasn’t happy with the news.

The Burnley lad added that he “nearly walked away” and had a “wobble” about paragliding until producers talked him around.

Lancashire Telegraph: Jordan North paragliding in Spain (Photo: Twitter/@jordannorth1)Jordan North paragliding in Spain (Photo: Twitter/@jordannorth1)

On the show’s episode, after Beverley Callard told him they were going to paraglide off a 2000ft high cliff, he said: “Are you joking? Beverley I’m scared of heights.”

31-year-old Jordan took to the sky first and in the show he could be heard screaming as he took off.

He screamed: “I don’t know if I’m scared or excited".

He could also be heard chanting “happy place, happy place, happy place,” in reference to one of his favourite places – Burnley’s Turf Moor.  

However, as he landed Jordan explained that he found the experience more enjoyable than he thought – but 64-year-old Callard didn’t feel the same.

Jordan said: “We’ve role reversed here because I enjoyed that and you hated it.

“You’re a grandma and you’ve paraglided – and I’m a wuss and I’ve paraglided."

On his social media page, Jordan also shared some behind the scenes clips and information about the episode.



Jordan wrote: “I bloody paraglided. @imacelebrity was the best thing that ever happened to me.

“If you’d have said to me a year ago you’ll be paragliding I would never have believed you.

“Also, @Beverleycallard had hip operation just over a year ago and did this!”

However, he added that paragliding didn’t come easy.

Lancashire Telegraph: Jordan North wearing a Burnley FC shirt (Photo: Instagram/@jordannorth1)Jordan North wearing a Burnley FC shirt (Photo: Instagram/@jordannorth1)

He explained: I had a bit of a wobble and nearly walked away but the series producer, and the director guaranteed me that I wouldn’t die

“That night back at the hotel I was so buzzing I couldn’t sleep so I had to nip out at 2am for a walk!”

You can catch up with the full episode of Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding on ITV player.