Jordan North and Beverley Callard appeared on ITV’s This Morning to talk about their new TV show which airs tonight (20 October).

Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding will follow Beverley and Burnley’s Jordan as they explore Spain together, planning Ms Callard’s wedding vows renewal.

Speaking on This Morning (20 October), they said there are a lot of hilarious surprises in store for viewers on the new ITV show.

The pair even revealed that they got matching tattoos on the new five-part series – and Jordan didn’t take the pain too well.

They each got ‘disfruta el momento', which means enjoy the moment, in Spanish, tattooed on their leg.

Jordan explained: “It was my first ever tattoo – never ever again. I screamed, I cried, I moaned, I whinged.

“Beverley got hers and she’s like ‘it’s fine’."

Lancashire Telegraph: Jordan North biting his bicep as he got a tattoo on the new show (Photo: ITV)Jordan North biting his bicep as he got a tattoo on the new show (Photo: ITV)

Beverley added: “He was squeezing my hands and screwing his fingers into my hands.

“I said ‘you’ve got to let go of me’ and he started biting his own bicep.”

According to the This Morning interview, that isn’t the only hilarious moment lined up in the series as Jordan also revealed some details about an “awful” speech he gave at Beverley’s wedding.

He asked Ms Callard: “It was awful wasn’t it?

“I can go on the radio every day and speak to millions of people. Put me in front of people where I can see the whites of their eyes and [I can’t].

Speaking to This Morning’s hosts, Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, Beverley replied: “When he made the speech my mum-in-law was going ‘bless him, he’s rubbish isn’t he?’”

31-year-old Jordan responded: “I got everybody’s name wrong, lost my words, thanked the wrong people, jokes went down like a lead balloon – it wasn’t good.”

Viewers will also get to see Jordan’s ‘tipsy’ side as he revealed he “got hammered” in one episode when the pair were meant to be wine tasting.

He also accidentally offended the wine connoisseur who was serving him.

Jordan explained: “I was hammered – I’m not going to lie. I really offended the wine connoisseur as well because he asked me what it tasted like.

“I said ‘after the third glass they all taste the same’ and downed it”.

Jordan also explained that the ‘no frills’ show is exactly how it appears and that they really did drive all the way from the top of Spain to the bottom.



64-year-old Beverley said: “We were really driving – it was the lowest budget ever.

“No hair and makeup, I had to buy all my own clothes.”

Jordan added: “We has such a fun time and it wasn’t glamorous but I hope people like it.”

Watch Beverley and Jordan: Destination wedding on ITV at 8pm. You can catch up on episodes of This Morning on ITV Player.