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The majority of questions surround the town's football club, the Blackburn Rovers, and people are also curious about what Blackburn is famous for.

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What’s Blackburn famous for?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Blackburn is famous for as there are so many things to choose from.

Blackburn Rovers Football Club make the town stand out on the map along with notable celebrities, Steve Pemberton and Carl Fogarty.


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The town is also famous for its textile exports, which date back to the mid-13th century.

Blackburn- What to do?

There are plenty of things to do in Blackburn (when lockdown restrictions lift that is).

From a trip to Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery to a quick visit to the historic Hoghton Tower, the town is bursting with culture.

Keep up-to-date with Blackburn’s What’s On guide to learn more.


Is Blackburn a nice place to live?

This question is subjective, but in our opinion Blackburn is a great place to live.

In 2015, Blackburn was even named the best place to make a living, when average wages were compared to the cost of mortgage repayments.

However, last year Blackburn was branded as ‘a cross between Shameless and Star Wars’ and was listed as one of the worst places to live on website ILiveHere.co.uk.

Do you think Blackburn is a nice place to live?


How Blackburn won the premiere league

Lancashire Telegraph: Alan Shearer (Photo:John Giles/PA)Alan Shearer (Photo:John Giles/PA)

In 1995, Blackburn Rovers defied all odds and beat Manchester United to Premiere League victory.

A number of factors contributed to their victory, including the players on their team.

Between 1991-1995, millions were invested into the team including a record £3.6m payout for Alan Shearer and £5m for Chris Sutton who cored 25 league goals the previous season.

How did Blackburn vote in the referendum?

56.3% of Blackburn with Darwen residents voted leave compared to 43.7% who voted remain


Who owns Blackburn Rovers?

The VH group, or the Venky's.


Where’s Blackburn in the UK?

Blackburn is a town in the North West of England, in the county of Lancashire.

It is 11 miles from Burnley and 20 miles from Manchester.

Where to eat in Blackburn?

There are plenty of great places to eat in Blackburn.

According to Tripadvisor, the top-rated restaurant in Blackburn is Scholars Training Restaurant on Feilden Street which serves British and contemporary food.

However, Thira Restaurant on Darwen Street and Roomali on Lower Croftcock are also popular places in the town.

Where are Blackburn Rovers in the league?


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As of today, (21st November), Rovers are 12th in the league.


Why do Blackburn hate Burnley?

While ‘hate’ is a strong word, there is definitely a rivalry between Blackburn and Burnley football clubs.

As two East Lancashire football teams, a underlying rivalry seems inevitable.

However, the roots of this feud go much deeper and can be traced back as far as 1875, which we explored in our three part series a few years back.

Why is Blackburn not a city?

It is up to the monarchy to decide which towns can become cities.

Blackburn has applied to become a city in the past but they were unsuccessful.

Why Blackburn with Darwen?

Blackburn was officially renamed Blackburn with Darwen in 1997 and is now considered a unitary authority.


Which party won Blackburn?

While the conservatives won the 2019 election, the Labour party won Blackburn with 64% of the vote.

Which bin shall I put out in Blackburn?

We have to put our bins out every week yet we can still never remember which colour bin is being collected (even after taking a cheeky peek at what our neighbours have done).

You can find out when bins are being collected near you by viewing the calendar on the Blackburn With Darwen Council website.