An East Lancashire town branded 'a cross between Shameless and Star Wars' has made it onto a list of the 'worst places to live' in England.

Blackburn, came in at an undeserving tenth place in the league table of 'cr*p towns', compiled by website

And one person's scathing comments included the line: "Drug dealers, dole wasters, bums, guttersnipes, fallen women, young slappers and their steroid-pumped teenage boyfriends.

"It's a nightmare - a cross between Shameless and the Star Wars canteen."

Almost 50,000 people responded to a survey by the website, which has been carried out every year for the last 13 years, in order to establish the areas branded as 'grotty dumps' and 'piles of cr*p' by dissatisfied residents.

One contributor said: "Where would one start in trying to disassemble the pile of cr*p known as Blackburn?'.

With another saying: "The estates make Syria look calm. You can guarantee that if you dare to walk down these down-trodden, dogs**t-ridden estates - and mind the needles - you will spot the inhabitants walking freely in dressing gowns, fluffy slippers and in the case of women, undoubtedly pregnant, with a fag in their gob going to pick up another free prescription from the clap clinic."

Other towns that made it onto the list were Oldham, which was ninth, Castleford, eighth, and Blackpool, seventh.

Rotherham came in at number six, with Hull at number five, Rochdale at three and Huddersfield at number two.

Blackburn with Darwen Councillor for Shear Brow and Corporation Park ward, Cllr Hussain Akhtar said: "We won local authority of the year in 2018. I don't know why people say these things.

"I think we are a strong town and we work very hard to put this town on the map.

"I welcome anyone to come to Blackburn and see that we are not like what these people are saying."

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Topping the list, and bucking the trend for northern towns, was Peterborough, with residents describing it as 'the biggest dump in England with aggressive and inbred residents'.

Executive member for environment with Blackburn with Darwen council, Cllr Jim Smith, said: "This is absolute rubbish. Blackburn is a lovely place to live.

"There was a government survey done last year that put us at the top of places to live so I've no idea what this one is trying to say.

"It's complete nonsense. It sounds to me like it's a tongue in cheek survey and is nothing like the reality of what the town is like to live in."

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