A CRICKET club was left in a ‘disgusting’ state after it was trashed during a wedding party.

Staff at the Lowerhouse Cricket Club in Burnley were left to pick up the pieces on Sunday following the incident.

The club and its workers posted shocking pictures over social media showing the damage, which included pipes ripped from the urinals and human faeces smeared over toilet seats and cubicles.

The club’s function room had also been trashed, with food and sick smeared into the carpets.

Stan Heaton, the cricket club’s chairman, said he could not believe what had happened to the club.

He said: “This is clearly disgusting.

“Who goes to a wedding party and does something like this?

“The people who hired the room out for the event seemed like genuine people.

“There were not many people at the party, possibly around 30.

“From the club’s point of view it was not worth having the party, especially with the costs to clean everything up.

“The couple had even hired a venue dresser for the night and the place looked really nice.

“But it was not left anywhere near the state it was in before the party.”

Mr Heaton said the club has offered its room out as a party venue for five years and this was the first time something like this had happened.

He said: “I understand when the odd glass gets spilt or food is dropped, accidents do happen.

“But this was way worse than that, I can’t see why anyone would do what they did here.”

A christening was set to take place the following day and Mr Heaton said volunteers and his staff worked incredibly hard to get the place back to a clean standard.

He said: “We had a plumber turn up after a social media call and he managed to fix the pipes for us at short notice.

“Getting the place back to normal was an amazing effort by all and it showed the Lowerhouse cricket mentality, everyone pulled together.

“I will be speaking to the couple once they have returned from their honeymoon.”

The 156-year-old club regularly holds wedding, birthday, christenings and retirement parties.