A TV star and long-standing Burnley FC fan is ending his long-standing sponsorship of the club.

But Dave Fishwick is set to continue his support by buying shares in the club and acting as a key adviser.

Mr Fishwick, known best nationally for his role in the Channel 4 show ‘Bank of Dave’, has sponsored the Cricket Field Stand for 15 years.

He said: “I now want to provide more direct support and I am looking to purchase some shares in the club.

“When I first became involved in sponsoring the Clarets, the money we provided through sponsorship was vital to the club’s finances.

“But things have changed with fantastic revenues coming into the club through TV and other deals.

“While that’s great news for the club, I want to be sure that what I do can really make a difference.

“What I’m best at is running successful businesses and helping other people make their businesses more successful.”

Mr Fishwick, who is now working on a new Channel 4 show ‘How to Get Rich Quick’, said he has no ambitions to sit on the board of directors.

He added: “By sitting just on the fringes as a shareholder, I can be very useful to Burnley FC. One of my strengths is seeing things differently and that can be more effective when you are one step away from executive control.”

Mr Fishwick made his mark in business as owner of David Fishwick Van and Minibus Sales.

He came to wider attention after setting up Burnley Savings and Loans, branded as Bank on Dave.

Since his first television foray, he has fronted a variety of other Channel 4 programmes including ‘Can Property Pay Your Wages’, ‘Dave’s Guide to Spending Money’ and ‘The Shopper’s Guide to Saving Money’.

Barrie Oliver of the Burnley Football Supporters Club welcomed Mr Fishwick’s desire to stay involved.

He said: “It is good that he is stopping there in an advisory capacity. I think he has always been in the background.

“I think there may have been interest from other potential sponsors and possibly he is making way.”

The football club declined to comment until the announcement of a new sponsor for the stand.