WE finished the season in style with a win in the play-offs on Sunday after coming through the semi-final on Saturday.

It means we were able to do the double of league title and play-off title for the second year running, which is a massive achievement.

I am not sure if any teams have done what we’ve done two years in a row.


We have had the experience of having been there and done it but you still have to perform and I think we were all nervous before the start of the weekend.

It was a great weekend and a brilliant way to sign off the season.

What happened last week in losing in the cup was probably a blessing as it made sure that we didn’t take anything for granted this weekend.

We went 1-0 down in the semi-final on Saturday and there were definitely a few nerves in our team, but once we got that first period out of the way we went from strength to strength.

We certainly turned up for the final and it was one of our best performances of the season. To do that when it mattered in the play-offs was brilliant.

When we started off this year a lot of teams were doubting us. We had a lot of new players and a new coach so to be able to come through that and win the league and the play-offs again is a real testament to everyone at the club.

Our new coach Dan MacKriel has come in as coach this year and what he has achieved in his first season coaching senior hockey is fantastic. All the guys love him and hopefully he’ll be here next year.

The challenge now is to go for three in a row.

I am not sure what will happen with the team over the next few weeks because it is a long summer.

I plan on playing again next year but we will just have to see how things go because it is a long summer.

We didn’t really celebrate too much on Sunday. We’ve got our awards night so I think we will save our celebrations until then.

At the end we did an explosion celebration which is something our coach did last year while he was a player. I’m not sure how it started but we thought, why not give it a go?