IF I am being honest I don't think our attitude was right at Solway on Saturday when we lost 5-3.

I think we felt that the hard work was done after a couple of good performances but that certainly isn't the case. We should know better and we should know that there are some very good teams in this league who will punish you if you don't play well.


It was a frustrating night for us and we weren't good at all.

It was probably the worst we have played this season - certainly on a par with our draw against Sutton. We just didn't get going and we didn't have the energy that we usually show.

That is taking nothing away from Solway because they played very well and deserved to win but it wasn't good enough from us.

But it could prove to be a blessing in disguise for us. I am not happy with the loss but if it reminds us that there is a long way to go and it helps us re-focus and go on a winning run then maybe we can turn it into a positive.

I think we will probably have a chat at training on Thursday with the lads to make sure that we don't slip up again. Hopefully we can bounce back now because we have to games this weekend and it is a chance to put the defeat behind us and move on.

We know that if we don't play to our potential then there are a lot of teams in this league who can take points of us and we are in danger of bein caught at the top.

I think it shows the strength of the league that Solway - who are are starting to put a run together now and are probably better that their results suggest - are down in seventh.

It is a really competitive league this year and we have to be at our best to win it.