IT WAS a good win for us on Sunday as we won 5-2 away at Solihull Barons.

It was an especially pleasing result after what was a difficult preparation for the game.


We didn’t get there until very late and they had to put the face-off back an hour, the traffic was horrendous on the way down and we didn’t get a proper warm up really, so it made it tricky for us.

Considering we hadn’t practised last week and the time of year, it was an excellent result.

Since our first defeat of the season to Whitley Warriors we’ve responded really well.

We had a long unbeaten record that came to an end that day but it was probably a blessing in disguise. It’s tougher than ever this year and it was probably the little kick that we needed.

Last week was Christmas; we practise on Thursdays so we couldn’t practice then as it was Christmas Eve.

This week it’s New Year’s Eve so we won’t be practicing again, so it’s tough.

Ours was the only game on Sunday, but that’s just something you’ve got to deal with. We’ve got Sutton this Sunday so we have to keep plugging on and getting results.

You can’t overdo it at Christmas with a game two days later but it’s the same for Solihull so there would have been no excuses.

They tried to play a bit rough and put us off our game, which they might have done in the first period, but after that we were on top.

I think teams have tried to drag us into battles a lot recently, but we expect it, that isn’t really our game.

Teams are trying to rough us up but you’ve just got to stand up to it and deal with it.

We’ve got Sutton Sting on Sunday and I think we owe Sutton one. We drew with them away from home so we’ll be looking to put in a good performance and win.