CONSIDERING we only had three recognised defence men fit at the weekend I think beating Solihull Barons 8-2 was a good result.

We didn’t really know too much of what to expect, we knew there were a good side, they’ve had some great results recently and they’ve got some good players.


We knew they were going to come and try and break us down but I thought we did a good job of keeping their chances to a minimum.

We’ve scored 75 goals in our first 10 league games now, but while the attack is doing pretty well defensively I think we’ve been excellent this year, conceding just 17.

We’ve only got those three recognised defence men at the moment but as a group we’ve been defending better. It was one thing we wanted to improve on from last season.

If you defend well then the rest takes care of itself, and in that respect we’ve done well.

We’ve won all our games again so far this season, but if we go unbeaten this season we’ve done an extremely good job. I’m not saying we will get beat, I think if we play to our full ability in each game I think we will win every game, but it’s whether we can do that.

We’ve got quite a lot of injuries, up to now we’ve been able to deal with it, but there might come a time where it will take its toll.

We’ve got to keep going, one game at a time and keep doing what we’re doing.

We’re not getting carried away, we know there are difficult games coming up.

Every game this year is tough, everyone is capable of getting wins and it’s going to be a tough season. From now on in we’ve got some double headers and some real tough weekends so we’ve got to keep our heads and keep our focus.

Next weekend we’re away at Sutton Sting. We’ve played them once, they’re maybe weaker than last year but they’ve got still got some dangerous players.