WE had two more wins this weekend and I do think we have developed that winning habit now.

The cup victory at Solway was probably our better performance because we travelled short handed and were still able to come away with an 8-3 win.

In the league on Sunday we beat Sheffield Senators who are bottom of the table.


It was 12-3 in the end but I didn’t think we played particularly well. We were certainly much better in attack than we were in defence.

But we just have that winning habit and we are able to get results no matter who we play and who is missing through injury.

On Sunday the two points were the most important thing and it is all about momentum and keeping that winning habit going. It’s the best habit to have. You just get used to it and you find ways to win where other teams might struggle.

I still think the toughest part of the season is still to come. Games are coming thick and fast now going into the new year.

People are saying it is easy for us and it must get boring winning all the time but we have worked hard to get where we are and it’s not easy at all. We are getting the results.We have still got three or four players out and you never stop learning and there are always things you can improve on.

It was nice to start our cup campaign with a win against Solway and it would be great to do well in that competition as well.

We are not giving it any special attention, it is just another game to us.

We obviously want to win every game we play. If at the end of the season we get the cup then so be it. They are just games to me personally and I don’t change my approach if it is a league game or a cup game and I think that is the best attitude to have.

The only difference for the cup was that we had a new kit. It’s a little bit different, we’ve never had a cup jersey so we were playing in that against Solway.

This weekend we play Solway again the league.

We seem to have their number this year but we won’t be taking any game lightly but I am confident we can get another two points on the board.