KEN Beamish was brought to Ewood Park by Gordon Lee from Brighton in 1974 for £25,000, and helped Rovers to the old Third Division title.

In 1976 the striker signed for Port Vale, before enjoying spells with Bury and Tranmere and a brief managerial stint at Swindon Town.

He returned to Ewood after his playing days as commercial manager.

Having seen hundreds of players come and go during his time at the club, Beamish picked his Blackburn Rovers dream team ahead of Sunday’s eagerly awaited East Lancashire derby against Burnley.

He said: “It was a really tough ask and if you asked me again tomorrow, I would probably pick different players. I have to leave out some truly great players and I am sure everyone would have their own opinion.

“I had to leave out players like David Dunn, Andy Cole, Dave Wagstaffe, Tim Flowers. The list goes on, it really was almost an impossible ask.

“I think this derby match is brilliant for the area. I know both sets of fans are looking forward to it and lets just hope it is a fantastic occasion with the right result at the end of it.”

BRAD FRIEDEL: It was very hard to leave out Tim Flowers, but I really believe if Brad had been English he would have been number one for a long time.

2000-2008 (from Liverpool, free) 287 appearances, scored one goal.

HENNING BERG: A consistent, solid defender. He was a big part of the Premier League winning side.

1993-1997 (from Lillestrom, £400,000) 2000-2003 (from Manchester United £1.75m) 297 appearances, seven goals.

GRAEME LE SAUX: A quality player. He was an all-round player, who was very good going forward but just as good defensively as well.

1993-1997 (from Chelsea, exchange deal with Steve Livingstone). 154 appearances, seven goals.

COLIN HENDRY: His name goes before him. Just an all-round Blackburn Rovers legend. For me, the top defender of all time at the club. Is held in high regard by all Rovers fans.

1987-1989 (from Dundee, £30,000) 1991-1998 (from Manchester City £700,000) 407 appearances, 35 goals.

KEVIN MORAN: He was not at the club that long but he played an important role on and off the pitch. A steady influence who had a role off the pitch. He would have been an exceptional partner for Colin Hendry.

1990-1994 (from Sporting Gijon, free) 173 appearances, 12 goals.

TUGAY: No Rovers dream team would be complete without Tugay. The most skilful player I have ever seen and his passing ability was also unbelievable.

2001-2009 (from Rangers, £1.3m) 303 appearances, 12 goals.

TIM SHERWOOD: He was captain of the Premier League winning side. That says it all really. Had the ability to get himself around the box.

1992-1999 (from Norwich City, £500,000) 300 appearances, 31 goals.

HOWARD KENDALL: He would be in my side to carry out the defensive duties to complement Tugay and Sherwood. He could read the game brilliantly and always seemed to be in the right place.

1979-1981 (player manager from Stoke City) 92 appearances, seven goals.

ALAN SHEARER: No surprise there then. An all-time great goal scorer. Rovers fans will never forget some of the goals he scored and his contribution to that Premier League winning season.

1992-1996 (from Southampton, £3.3m) 171 appearances, 130 goals.

SIMON GARNER: Again he had to be included. Was just a great goal scorer.

1978-1992 (from Boston, free) 565 appearances, 192 goals.

DAMIEN DUFF: It was a toss up between him and Dave Wagstaffe. Duff was a quality crosser of the ball and a real crowd pleaser.

1996-2003 (from Lourdes Celtic) 223 appearances, 35 goals.

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